High Lumen Ip65 Waterproof Emergency 300W Led Linear Light High Bay Fixtures Linear High Bay Led Light

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The TW LED MLH06 series is a basic, low-budget warehouse and high-bay lighting fixture. The linear, compact design allows the MLH06 to maintain a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance while maintaining durability and saving up to 66% in energy costs compared to conventional light sources. An excellent thermal management system effectively extends the life of the fixture, making it ideal for warehousing, large indoor spaces, retail and commercial applications.

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Series No.
120-277 VAC or 347/480 VAC
0-10V dimming
Light Source Type
LED chips
Color Temperature
90W, 130W, 175W, 210W, 270W, 300W
Light Output
12700 lm, 18600 lm, 25000 lm, 30600 lm, 37000 lm, 41500 lm
UL listing
Damp location
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 50°C ( -40°F to 122°F )
50,000 hours
5 year
Office, Warehouse, Commercial lighting
Pendant or surface mount
 PIR Motion Sensor (Optional), Emergency Battery Backup (Optional), Steel Wire Rope (Optional), Pendant Hanger (Optional), Wire Guards (Optional)
90W & 130W
175W & 210W
270W & 300W

<Commercial grade> The LED light is a solid-state light source with a certain degree of shock resistance. There is no filament and glass shell inside, so it is not easy to break, and it will not cause harm to the human body. The TW LED MLH06 series is a basic, low-budget warehouse and high-bay lighting fixture. With a solid die-cast aluminum alloy casing, it is corrosion-resistant. It is polished with white coating to make the appearance look more beautiful and stylish. The MLH06 features an excellent cooling and thermal management system to ensure ultra-high performance with a 50,000-hours lifespan.

<Fast and convenient> Installation is simple and convenient, with a variety of options, either using the wire rope included by default, using pendant, or directly on surface.

<Energy saving> Compared with traditional lamps, MLH06 saves more energy that can replace fluorescent lamps to achieve greater efficacy. The optional prism diffuser and frosted diffuser make the light softer and more comfortable, which can effectively reduce glare and maintain the best light uniformity, and avoid light waste.

<Multiple choices> MLH06 can replace 24 F32 T8 fixtures, there are many kinds of power, which can be selected according to customer's needs, and the brightness of each power is very high. Please note that the acceptable voltage of MLH06 is 120-277V or 347/480V. It can be dimmed within the standard 1-10v. And the 210W optional for CCT and power adjustable.

<Adapt to temperature> MLH06 can be used at -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F), and can be used in different temperatures and scenarios. Our LED Linear High Bay have strong safety, passed FCC and UL certification, and have undergone several tests to ensure that the products are not damaged during production and can be used well.

<Accessories> Included in this product are PIR sensor, emergency power supply, wire rope, pendant hanger and wire guard which can meet the different needs of customers.

<Recommend use> Regarding the use of MLH06, we recommend that it is in offices, warehouses and commercial lighting.

Product Detail:


2.LED Driver

3.Waterproof Ring

4.Die-casting Aluminum Housing

5.Waterproof Silicon Rubber

6.LED Chips

7.Plastic Cover



Wire guard
Pendant hanger
Emergency battery


Product Size:

Power 90W/130W  -  250mm*420mm*44.4mm

Power 175W/210W -  250mm*600mm*44.4mm

Power 270W/300W -  250mm*900mm*44.4mm


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