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The energy savings, long life and easy-to-install design of the MDD05 series make it the smart choice for building-and post-mounted doorway, pathway, barn and yard illumination for nearly any facility.

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Series No.
Light Source Type
LED chips
Color Temperature
45W, 65W, 90W
Light Output
6200 lm, 8800 lm, 12200 lm
UL listing
Wet location
Operating Temperature
-40 ̊C - + 40 ̊C ( -40 ̊F - + 104 ̊F )
50,000 hours
5 year
Walkways, Parking lots, Roadways
Pole mount or wall mount
Mounting arm kit (Optional), Photocell (Optional)
45W & 65W & 90W

<Excellent choice> The TW MDD05 is a Dusk To Dawn light combining traditional performance and innovative technology, a high-performance, energy-efficient smart choice for barns and some roads. It can be installed in almost any facility with a pillared doorway. In addition, its shell structure is also very strong. It is made of die-cast aluminum alloy and silver-gray polyester powder coating, which is corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Even if it is used outdoors, it can cope well with general weather conditions.

<Best design> The MDD05 is otherwise remarkable too, using breakthrough LED and precision engineered optics to deliver outstanding illumination that can provide a variety of application functionality while saving energy. This luminaire is DLC premium certified, allowing you to save time and money during daily use. UL certification can be used in wet places, MDD05 not only meets the number of radiators required by UL certification, but also sets up multiple radiators to achieve maximum heat dissipation efficiency. In addition, the UV-resistant polycarbonate prism used in the MDD05 lens can achieve wide light transmission and prevent light discoloration.

<Superior performance> The brightness of the MDD05 series is higher than that of ordinary light-controlled lights, and the maximum brightness is 138lm/W in the 45W specification. At the same time, its light is somewhat soft and comfortable, and will not cause too much damage to human eyes. Its overall lamp is relatively small and exquisite, very light, easy to install, and very friendly to users. The MDD05 series are Dusk To Dawn lights produced according to the industry standard, with an optional mounting arm, and a five-year warranty, you can ask for repairs or help within five years of purchasing the product.

<Accessories> The accessories for the MDD05 series are mounting arm and photocell. It is worth noting that this photocell can also be removed after it is installed. After you use it, if you don't need the light control function of the lamp, you can take it off directly, without any problem, and it will not cause damage to the lamp.

<Recommend use> We recommend this product for walkways, parking lots, barn and yard lighting.

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