Outdoor Professional 300W Area Lighting For Garden Parking Lots Led Road Parking Lots Area Light

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The MAL05 series, lumen packages from 100W to 300W, provide three IES optical distribution and light control and motion sensors, which is ideal for the low-cost, high-energy effects you need. At the same time, we will have sufficient inventory in our local U.S. warehouses for delivery. It is ideal for parking lots and commercial lighting.

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Series No.
120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC
1-10V dimming
Light Source Type
LED chips
Color Temperature
100W, 150W, 250W, 300W
Light Output
14200 lm, 21000 lm, 35000 lm, 42000 lm
UL listing
Wet location
Operating Temperature
-40 ̊ C to 40 ̊ C ( -40°F to 104°F )
5 year
Automobile dealerships, Parking lots, Downtown areas
Round pole, Square pole, Slipfitter, Yoke and Wall mount
Sensor (Optional), Photocell (Optional)
Small Size 100W
Medium Size 150W
Large Size 250W&300W

<Solid shell> The MAL05 series is a low-cost, high-efficiency area and site light of choice. Its shell is made of durable die-cast aluminum alloy, using dark bronze polyester powder coating, which is not easy to change color, aging, stain resistance, and does not require repeated maintenance. And the MAL05's shell is completely sealed to prevent the entry of water vapor and environmental pollutants, and it can work well even in rainy days. Users also don’t need to worry about internal damage caused by heat generated by MAL05 after working for a long time. The design of the hollow heat sink makes the lamp lighter in weight and better in heat dissipation.

<Excellent structure> The optics of The MAL05 are precisely designed to shape the distribution, maximizing work efficiency and application space. The lamp uses a type III lens, and has optional photocells and motion sensors, which can be used independently according to the needs of users. The interior uses high-quality LED lamp beads, which are environmentally friendly and durable, without ultraviolet or infrared radiation, and are 100% safe.

<Easy to install> The MAL05 series is easy to install with round pole, square pole, slipfitter, wall mount and yoke options. And the bracket can be rotated 180°, you can let the light illuminate any area you need to illuminate by changing the irradiation angle of the lamp.

<Bright light> The MAL05 series, lumen packages from 100W to 300W, provide three IES optical distribution and light control and motion sensors. And it has up to 42000 lumen, can replace 1000W MH fixtures, saving 75 compared to traditional range and position lights % lower energy costs and avoid multiple costly bulb replacements, saving time and money. The MAL05 series is also equipped with a dusk-to-dawn photoelectric sensor, which can detect ambient light and automatically turn on or off the LED, and we have a five-year warranty, you can seek our help or maintenance during the five-year use period. This is the best choice for large area and commercial lighting.

<Accessories> The optional accessories of this product are PIR motion sensor and photocell. You can choose whether to install or not according to your own needs.

<Recommend use> We recommend you to use this product in automobile dealerships, parking lots and downtown areas.

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